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Koch Agrees With Surprising Foe

A surprise agreement came when ramous Republican Billionaire Charles Koch stated that he actually agreed with Bernie Sanders. Don’t panic and think he’s lost his mind, Koch only agrees with the Socialist Democrat on one solitary issue. Sanders has called out Oligarchic society of billionaire elitist who control the political system, and the Koch brothers by name, but as it turns out Charles Koch thinks he’s right.

In a recent op-ed, Koch stated that he believes we have a two-tiered society that largely continues to increase the number of people who are doomed to live in poverty. Koch went on to state that too many corporations go in search for and rely on corporate welfare, opportunities that are denied from ordinary citizens creating an uneven playing field.
Koch goes on to talk about how he in no other way support Sanders. He feels as though Sanders has decided to run his campaign against the Koch brothers just as much as the other candidates. He also has strongly opposes Sanders’ desire to grow the federal government and allow them control over people’s lives. Information obtained from a USA Today article that can be found at
Charles Koch is a well known American businessman who has made billions. He is the co-owner of Koch Industries along with his brother David. Charles has also spent years becoming deeply involved in politics, and has worked hard to find and support the candidates that support issues that are important to him. He is a wide supporter of criminal justice reform. He is involved in numerous political organizations including the Bill of Rights Institute, and he looks favorably on The Tea Party. He also organizes and funds a few meetings of Republican donors each year.
Koch is worth around $41 billion, money he has made from growing and forming Koch Industries which he and his brother inherited from his father decades ago. He was ranked #6 on a list of billionaires in the world, #4 in the United States, and was listed at #$ on the Forbes Richest Person in Every State.
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