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Charles Koch Have Similar Thoughts With Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders believe that we have a two tied society where the corporations seek to benefit from corporate welfare, and the citizens are thriving in the lives of poverty and hopelessness and denied opportunities and equal chances in the playing field. A comment that Koch agrees with, and he thinks Sanders is written because over time politicians and the governments have pushed for policies that favor their interests to the detriment of the common citizens. Koch thinks the government passes policies to select winners and losers and promote a cycle of control, poverty, and dependency bit the government alone cannot carry the blame because wealthy businesspersons and politicians also have a role in the formation and implementation of all policies.

For Sanders, the solution is coming up with an all empowering state, but Charles Koch sees that as a pathway to creating more evil in the society. That it will leave the federal government more controlling and certainly the poor will most likely remain poor for opportunities will be minimal just like the state has it in history. Despite Sanders being against the Koch brothers in the past years Charles seems to bring them to an equal level in the playing ground. Koch wrote the piece in the wall street journal something he has been avoiding with his brothers to appear in the media limelight. This time, he seems to be on Sanders side for the political campaigns.

Charles Koch runsĀ Koch Industries a family enterprise that is the major supplier of products from crude oil and manufacturing of products that are environmentally friendly like polymers. He and his brothers have donated 900 dollars for the elections since 2011 they, however, oppose all forms of corporate welfares even those that could be beneficial to them. Charles agrees that Sanders say what is true almost all the time. Sanders do not see the benefit of the Super PAC campaigners and other third party groups in the politics of America. However Koch brothers continue to donate to the political campaigns, and his brothers are however considering joining an anti-Trump campaign.

The Koch brothers founded a foundation called citizens for a sound economy in 1984 and were part of the 2009 tea party project .the tea party project was an offspring of American groups focusing on freedom works and prosperity and the Koch-founded it. Charles has never seen the perfection of federal governments as a solution because the incarcerated are still not getting a second chance to recollect after everything.

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