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NYC Real Estate Trends with TOWN Residential

With 2016 still getting started, there are some trends to look forward to in New York real estate. One of the trends that is predicted to happen is that while deals will be made, it will be harder for them to close. This can come from buyers wanting more and contracts taking longer to review. Buyers will also take longer to make a decision. Buyers may want to visit the location several times and will take a few weeks to get the contract signed. Another trend is that baby boomers will be looking to downsize and will want to move into the city. As the baby boomers age, they will want to relocate closer to the rest of their family. Buyers are also going to focus on prime locations. They will look for the best neighborhoods and blocks. The final trend worth mentioning is that the amount of luxury condos will grow. These are condos that are $10 million or more.


TOWN Residential is one of the city’s top luxury real estate services. TOWN Residential specializes in sales, marketing and leasing of properties. They also focus on both commercial and retail developments, as well as luxury homes and condos. The professionals at TOWN Residential are leading the industry, and it is known as one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York. Offices are scattered throughout the city so that customers can easily find their way in. The professionals at TOWN will be able to give you high-quality service and great knowledge of the industry.


TOWN Residential has access to many of New York City’s top neighborhoods, so that customers will be able to find the exact property they are looking for. Neighborhoods include West Village, SoHo, Gramercy Park, and many more. The TOWN Residential teams knows that these trends in buying in NYC will occur in the real estate industry. TOWN’s leaders are prepared to help anyone find the commercial or residential property they are looking for.

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