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My Kids’ Rooms Were Cleaned By Handy

I have a daughter who is so lazy that she never cleans her room, and it seems as if my son has taken up the same habit. They both have extremely large rooms that also have their own bathrooms, and it’s unbelievable how messy both their bathrooms and bedrooms are. My entire house is spotless, but anyone who goes into my kids rooms or bathrooms would be devastating to know that they are in the same house. The kids were going away for spring break, and I decided to take a drastic step that I had never thought about before.

I chose to get their rooms clean, but I wasn’t going to clean it myself. I wanted to get a cleaning service that would clean their rooms thoroughly as well as cleaning the bathrooms. I was scared to ask anyone to go into those spaces that they called rooms, but I knew someone would do it. I checked out Handy because my best friend told me about them, and she told me that they are the ones that clean her home whenever she can’t get to her chores. I asked what services they perform when cleaning a home, and it sounded like they were right up my alley.

I went to the Handy website and opened an account, and I scheduled a cleaning service for the following Wednesday, which was just a few days later. The person came out, and I explained to them that I wanted both bedrooms and bathrooms cleaned, but I let them know that vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms was the most important part. I crossed my fingers hoping that the bedrooms would look halfway decent when the person was finished cleaning, and I got a lot more than I expected. The floor was spotless, the bathrooms were cleaned and scrubbed, and even the windows were clean.

I could actually see the carpet again, and inside the bathroom smelled wonderful like. I couldn’t believe how great the rooms looked, and a tear actually came to my eye because it had been a while since my kids’ rooms looked like someone lived in them and not like a hurricane had gone through it. After thanking the Handy worker several times, I slipped them a tip for $30 tip, and I just sat there staring into both rooms as if I was looking at art in a museum. I’m so pleased with Handy.

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