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Keith Mann Establishes 2016 Scholarship for Uncommon Schools

Business expert Keith Mann and his wife Keely have established a scholarship program for professional achievement for seniors enrolled in Uncommon High School in Brooklyn, New York. Keith Mann strives to assist students in low-income families to attend and graduate college in order to obtain a degree and succeed in life.

Graduating seniors in Uncommon Charter High School who are interested in the scholarship submit a one thousand word paper. This essay details how gaining a college degree will help them achieve professional goals. The last day applications will be accepted is February 29, 2016. By the end of March, one winner will receive the $5,000 scholarship for the college of their choice.

Uncommon Schools sets up and oversees prominent urban charter schools that aid low-income pupils to obtain a college degree. In the 2015-2016 school year, the organization managed 44 schools in Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey. This included more than 14,000 students from kindergarten to twelfth grade.

Keith Mann has worked in the executive search business for almost two decades. Keith is extremely knowledgeable in hedge funds and the staffing needs of business firms dealing in this field. He founded the Alternative Investment Practice in 2002 while working at Dynamics Executive Search. He expanded the program in 2006 to businesses in the private equity sector. Three years later he left to start Dynamics Search Partners to answer staffing needs of alternative investment companies throughout the United States, Asia and Europe.

He and his wife are strong supporters of education, and they provide many programs to help students find jobs after graduating from college. Keith strives to identify men and women with strong leadership qualities and connect them with businesses to grow their success.

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