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Charles Koch Seeks Keys to Influence

As the 2016 presidential campaign jumps into full swing, there are forces working behind the scenes to help dictate which candidates are going to become President of the United States. Charles Koch is one of these forces. One of the wealthiest men in the world, along with his brother David, Charles Koch is seeking ways to develop a political candidate that will be able to represent the Republican Party as they see appropriate. Donald Trump has thrown a wrinkle into their plans as his campaign to win the nomination has gained continual traction and he needs none of the influence of the Koch brothers and their money. This is disconcerting for Charles Koch who hopes to help elect a candidate who is more representative of his vision for the United States of America.

Koch has been a player in presidential politics for many years and had a bad experience in 2012 as they spend approximately $400 million to help Mitt Romney defeat Barack Obama and of course came up short in that effort. They work through an intricate network of donors and were outwitted by the machine supporting President Obama. Looking to leave nothing to chance in 2016, the Koch brothers are pledged to raise an astronomical $900 million to defeat either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton in the general election. Unfortunately they never really counted on the validity of a Trump run for president.

Donald Trump has risen to the top of G.O.P’s rankings. Trump brings a dangerous combination of charisma and narrow minded views on Muslims, immigrants, freedom of choice and clearly his election would represent a move against a free society. Trump first sought out the support of the Koch brothers but being refused and not taken seriously, he turned on them and started a social media war against other candidates calling them puppets, looking for handouts from the wealthy brothers.

The Trump win in the New Hampshire primary, not only built momentum for the campaign, but also fixed a target securely on his back for the Charles Koch and those that support him. it is likely that in the coming weeks there will be a well thought out attack on Trump and his narrow minded policies, using his history of bankruptcies, predatory business practices and seeming lack of tolerance as the ammunition to eliminate him as a viable candidate. These tactics are designed to build up another candidate while diminishing the legitimacy of the Trump campaign as a “real” presidential candidate.

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