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Why the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement is so Important

Improving your life typically consists of three steps:

-First, you must define what you want to do.
-Second, you must learn how to achieve what you desire.
-Lastly, it’s time to live out your vision.

However, though the process sounds simple; not everyone has the same opportunities. In addition, though many people share the same dreams, not everyone has the same educational resources. However, if a student is diligent and focused, he or she can make it through college and into the workforce.

In addition, with the right education, this type of forward movement is possible even for someone that’s first in their family to even attempt to do something like that.

Though many adults encourage young people to try to go for scholarships, most young people don’t realize, (until they’ve applied for a few), that the full-ride scholarship isn’t going to happen for everyone. Sometimes young people have to get by on a few smaller scholarships and a job, mixed with Federal funding and a lot of hospitality from friends and family. However, some philanthropists hate to see young people squander just to get enough money for school when their main focus should be doing well in school, so that they can one day make the kind of money they need or desire.

When it comes to small and state colleges, $5000 goes a long way. In addition, it’s very helpful in larger schools as well, when you consider that so many scholarships are $50 here and $750 there.

That’s why, every year, Keith and Keely Mann provide a $5000 scholarship to a financially disadvantaged student; so that he or she can attend college. The Mann’s award the Scholarship for Professional Achievement to students that show excellence in business skills or a strong desire to pursue a career in business at an early age. The winner must submit a winning 1000 word essay on why they deserve to be the award recipient, and he or she must also be a high school graduate from one of the Uncommon Schools

Throughout his life, Keith has been an advocate of both business and education; and he’s headed his own executive search firm for over 15 years. The company currently works to find the right executive talent for top alternative investment firms. Follow Keith on Twitter, Vimeo and Facebook to stay up to date on his philanthropic endeavors.

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