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Charles Koch and His Aides Announce New Project

Charles Koch’s empire is embarking on the building of a non-profit wing that is meant to address deep-seated social ills in society. The wing also aims at “revitalizing civil society.” The initial efforts will be put into combating poverty and improving educational quality.

Stand Together, as the organization has been named, is still in its start-up phase. The organization aims to raise a total of $15 million this year. This is according to top officials in the organization. Stand Together has been described by organizers as carrying out “venture philanthropy” whose aim is “strengthening the fabric of American society.”

According to the group’s executive director, Evan Feinberg, Stand Together’s sole purpose is solving the problems that people have in a bid to make a real difference in their lives. He went on to point out that the group would not be involved in policy fights. It is instead laying its focus on partnering with private groups that address social problems.

Stand Together has been an internal project for Koch aides for almost a year, but the group is making a public debut this week – launching its website where its plans have been shared, all this as an annual winter seminar for donors of Koch, whose number is in hundreds, opens Saturday near Palm Springs.

The group intends on teaming up with Bob Woodson on one of its first ventures. Bob Woodson is the President and CEO of Neighborhood Enterprise. He is a prominent black conservative involved in the training of grassroots leaders.

Woodson is an architect of faith-based initiatives carried out by President George W. Bush. He has traveled together with Paul Ryan all around the country visiting poor neighborhoods as Ryan looks for support on a “battle plan” that aims at eradicating poverty. Stand Together’s formal launch comes in the wake of millions of dollars being spent by the behemoth owned by Koch and his brother, David, to help the poor. The brothers are at the helm of the second-largest private company in the U.S.

Charles Koch is a man known the world over when it comes to philanthropy. The successful businessman is the Chief Executive Officer of the Koch industries. He is involved in the support of free market-oriented educational organizations. He has worked with poor communities all over the world in a bid to eradicate poverty.

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