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CCMP Capital’s Leadership Grows Along With Their Portfolios

Chase Capital Management Portfolio, (CCMP) was co-founded in 2006 with Steve P. Murray as a key player in this firm. Murray served as President and CEO of CCMP until 2015. He was well-known for his leadership in equity investments and his ability to select and train the team that would lead CCMP through favorable changes and tremendous growth, enabling CCMP to reach the successful height it enjoys today.

It saddened the entire firm to announce on Linked In the passing of Steve P. Murray at the age of 52, after a short illness. He will be remembered for his financial genius, leadership, and genuine friendship to everyone. He is truly missed throughout the financial community.

Today CCMP forges ahead expanding their acquisitions. The most recent acquisition finalized in August of 2015 is the growing company, Shoes For Crews. The agreement is completed and CCMP has added this company to their portfolio. Shoes For Crews is the leading manufacturer of slip-resistant footwear. Founded in 1984, Shoes For Crews created a rubber compound that resists slip-and-fall accidents. This unique rubber compound has changed the way businesses look at safety footwear for their employee’s protection against slip-and-fall incidents. The technology of this product exceeds other materials being used by manufacturers of non-slip footwear. Many ships crews, warehouse workers, and dock workers, are required to wear footwear using this particular non-slip rubber compound. Shoes For Crews, under the leadership of CCMP, has growth potential that may exceed its expectations.

The CCMP portfolio houses an array of businesses ranging from consumer/retail products to energy, industry, and the rise in healthcare and healthcare products. A sampling of their portfolio companies includes Quiznos Sub, Aramark, MedQuest Associates, Newark E&P Holdings, and many other well-recognized businesses the general public quickly recognizes. Their investments are widespread throughout North America and Europe with all growing in strength.

CCMP announced in January 2016, a new addition to their firm adding Robert Toth firm as a Managing Director. Toth is responsible for acquiring new investment opportunities in the chemical and industrial areas of CCMP. Toth has established himself as an outstanding leader with strategic vision to grow the areas of chemical business and apply that knowledge to growth opportunities throughout CCMP’s portfolio.

CCMP Capital area of expertise is in middle market buyouts and growth equity investments in the range of $100 million to $500 million. The home office is located in New York, and branch offices in Houston and London. They are looking at another prosperous and successful year for CCMP’s portfolio.

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