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Autism Rocks Solo Capital

It wasn’t until an afternoon visit with Snoop Dogg that Sanjay Shah decided how he was going to contribute to Autism research. Snoop Dogg stopped by to visit Sanjay at his home in Dubai, and they got to talking about what he could do to contribute and helped urge him to set up concert gigs with famous artists in effort to raise money for the cause. He was able to work with famous must artists such as Lenny Kravitz and Price. Shah had been in the music industry before, and Snoop Dogg gave him a little nudge to return back to the industry where he could fulfill his wishes for Autism research.

Sanjay Shah and his family were originally from Kenya. They soon migrated to Central London where he grew up and where he attended King’s College. He decided to study medicine while in college, but soon changed his mind and decided to pursue a career in Accounting. He was in the Accounting business for some time and began to grow tired of the everyday hustle and bustle of office life. He no longer was a fan of the commute back and forth to work not the hours he had to put in at the office, so he decided to branch off and open his own brokerage business.

Solo Capital was the name of his new business. He decided to give it a year and try and make it succeed. He hired a few traders and college graduates to help him run the business and five years later he had 39 offices located in Dubai and London with a net worth of $280 million. He soon reached a point where he could basically sit back and relax, let the businesses run with his executive employees underneath him, and focus his efforts on raising awareness for Autism. His businesses were prospering and doing very well so he decided to start his efforts in the music industry.

The charity, Autism Rocks, is very special and close to Sanjay Shah. His son was diagnosed with Autism in 2011 after seeing very high end specialists. He was in the financial position to offer the best doctor services for his young son, and realized that many people don’t have the luxury. He wanted to help those in need so he created the charity, Autism Rocks, which will help raise money to research the disorder. More than anything, he would like to see his investments go towards the research of the cause of Autism. He would like to find a cure, of course, but find out why it happens and how it happens. His hopes are to find artists that are interested in helping the cause and convince them to donate a track from their album to help the charity continue to thrive.

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