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Slyce Creates Convenience With AI Visual Search

The technology that we use on a day to day basis is changing and evolving rather quickly. This is because of the amount of money that investors have involved in the pursuit, and our society is surely geared toward developing technology to make life easier and more convenient for everyone. Many of our college graduates move into careers in the world of technology, either on the development side or the sales side. In fact, some of our greatest advances in technology have been those within the past few years, and the quickness in change of technology has been moving at a greater rate of evolution. Apple is an example of a company that has been developing an artificial intelligence, Siri, in order to make peoples’ lives easier.

If you are interested in online shopping, then you should know that the advances in online shopping lately have made it so that consumers can use the camera on their smart phones or other devices to take a picture of something that they want to purchase. The picture is what the artificial intelligence uses to search through the database in order to find results. Slyce is one of the leading creators and developers of such image recognition technology, and they offer an application that is free to use. They have been working with major retailers in their pursuits to provide consumers with a greater ease in their shopping experience.

Slyce works with Home Depot, Tilly’s and other vendors. They even work with online vendors such as Their goal is to help these retailers move their products quickly, without the need for consumers to have to make it to their store in person. The consumer ends up getting the best price for their purchase, and the retailer gets to show off their other similar merchandise. In a new feature released by Slyce image recognition app is called Slyce Link, the consumer gets the opportunity to see items that are similar to their search result when the prime search is not available.

These advances in technology save time and energy that people do not like to spend. It makes life easier for everyone involved, and it helps people get exactly what they want when they have a product that they are interested in purchasing.

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