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Keith Mann Shows Support of NYPD By Buying Lunch

Hedge funder and creator of NYC based Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann, is offering his support to the NYPD following the violence and protests that have been aimed at the force in the last couple of months. Mann and his wife sent their own personal thanks to the department by catering lunch for the 54th precinct. They stated that they want to help show positive support amidst the negative reports that have been dogging the force.

Mann has his own personal connection which may be way the renowned philanthropist has offered his support, his wife’s uncle works as a detective on Staten Island. He explained that there have been a lot of attacks on officers during events that are supposed to be peaceful and all of these attacks are hitting close to home.

Therefore, he felt that he would reach out to the NYPD to let them know that they are appreciated for serving the city and that their efforts towards keeping people safe have not gone unnoticed. He added that policemen have families just like everyone else and are people just like everyone else.

Mann sent lunch at the beginning of January to the precinct and then repeated the action again in February so that the note of gratitude did not go unnoticed.

His concern was raised by recent events that have caused violence acts to occur against the NYPD. He is not alone as rallies have been held in NYC and throughout the US to help show support for the police. According to Mann, the vast majority of people support the police but they are silent. He says that people need to speak up and show police that they are supported by the citizens they help protect. Any little thing can help.

This is not the only cause that Mann is involved in as the businessman also gives widely to Uncommon Schools to help educate students so that they can find jobs and is a supporter of Hope and Heroes. Currently he serves as the CEO and owner of Dynamics Executive Search and also handles the management of the firm.

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