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Health Care Revolutionary, Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin, president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC, is a man who has truly changed the game in the health care industry for both his clients seeking jobs in the medical profession and for the medical offices seeking them. Torchin was once a physician of chiropractic practice, frequently speaking out about chiropractic health as well. Through his own work, he saw a need, a gap, that he knew could be filled by creating a company that quickly filled healthcare positions with the best possible staff and through consulting services to improve health care related companies. Thus, HCRC was born.

Torchin’s healthcare staffing agency has been revolutionary in aiding his clients in quickly and efficiently finding best suited persons to hire for their facilities. HCRC assists their clients and job seekers through consulting, identifying matches with search criteria, scheduling background checks and interviews, and handling contract negotiations. These combined efforts take the inconvenience out of the hiring process for both parties. Not only does he have insight on who is looking for qualified professionals, he has a database of qualified people to match to the positions.

Torchin is known for his strong work ethic and reliability, as well as providing industry insight on avenues like Twitter. He and his recruitment counselors put in long hours to make sure that they can be reached quickly and help companies to hire quickly. Every minute matters in the fast paced health care industry. Because of this type of dedication, Health Care Recruitment Counselors quickly expanded services from the office based in Pennsylvania, spread across all 50 of the United States, and now services are even available in Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

To further assist clients, Torchin regularly publishes articles through a blog space on his company’s website, in addition to commenting on health articles on Mashable. The articles range in topics from how to sever ties with difficult patients, to avoiding employee turnover, to best practices on collecting payment from patients, and beyond. Torching and HCRC is completely dedicated to helping the health care industry and those who work in it be as efficient as humanly possible.  Check out Brian on Google Plus for even more.

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