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Passionate Philanthropist, Dick DeVos Sets Example in Generosity

In Michigan it’s not the expensive cloth that you wear or a classy car that you drive, it is what you give to the people that you live with that matters. A philanthropist Dick DeVos is not an exception. He is an American born tycoon who attended Forest Hills school at his initial stages of education. He later joined Northwood University and studied bachelor’s degree in business administration. For further studies he went to Harvard University, a world class university where every many scholars has a history studying. He is a holder of honorary doctorates from various universities including; Central Michigan University, Grove City College and Northwood University. He is married to Besty DeVos, a former chairlady of the Michigan Republican Party.


DeVos career path started at Amway Corporation in 1970s. A family business where he was brought up in and describes his career as social activity since he spent most of his life with other employees of the company since he was a toddler. His father, Richard DeVos, is a self-made billionaire who is the founder of Amway private company. Dick DeVos later became the vice president of Amway’s with responsibilities for the company’s operation in eighteen countries. DeVos made a remarkable achievement by diversifying and investing in numerous markets and made a record by tripling the international revenues to exceed domestic sales for the first time in history of the company.


Resourceful knowledge and experience in business administration made Dick DeVos become the president and chief executive officer of Orlando Magic in 1991. This is a national basketball franchise that the DeVos family acquired shortly before Dick began his own business, the Windquest Group.


The philanthropist is the president of Dick and Besty DeVos Foundation that has donated millions of dollars to various walks of life including; educational, civic, religious, and artistic among others since 1990. Later in 2010, DeVos opened the first public aviation academy. He made it public in order to be accessible to everyone in the entire West Michigan willing to pursue aviation training. Dick is an avid helicopter pilot himself, so this married with his passion for creating educational opportunities for those less fortunate made the founding of this aviation school even more sensible for DeVos.

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has donated to artistry in various aspects such as funding an art competition in Grand Rapids called ArtPrize since 2009. The charitable foundation funded Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management that offers practical training to arts. The foundation has also supported those organizations that support free market economics.


In the year 2008, DeVos established a scholarship foundation called The Dick & Betsy Scholarship that offers sponsorship to students willing to pursue undergraduate programs especially from developing countries. For further details on Dick DeVos philanthropic nature see


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