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The Growth of Organo

Formerly known as OrganoGold, Organo is a privately owned company that has its operations in more than 50 countries in all the six continents. It was founded in 2008 and has its headquarters based in Vancouver from where its operations are run. The company has its own unique way of marketing its products which range from beverages such as tea and coffee, nutrition such as grape seed oil and health care products which include soaps among others. These products are made from ganoderma lucidum which is a component found in mushrooms that are found in China and used by Chinese and are said to have medicinal value. These products are therefore beneficial to the consumers as they keep them safe from diseases.

The company uses networking as a way of having their products reach millions of customers in the whole world which has made their products more popular compared to their competitors’ products. The network keeps on recruiting more distributors who are given the company’s products at a cheaper price and they sell the products to the consumers hence making a living out of the profit made.

The direct sales method adopted by the company has been of help to many people through creation of employment. It was recently ranked as position 55 in the list of the largest direct selling companies in the world. The company keeps one improvising new ways to reach their customers as well as coming up with new products so as to have an edge over their competitors. Through the company’s president Mr. Bernardo Chua, the company is ready to have their products reach every country in the world.

Bernardo Chua is experienced in the field of marketing and it is for that reason that he was able to bring up Organo as a very successful direct sales company. Before forming Organo, he was working as an executive with Gano Excel to which he helped expand to other countries such as Canada, USA and Hong Kong. Having grown up in China, he knew of the value of the mushrooms and worked hard to add value on them through manufacturing products that had them as ingredients. The products have been received positively by many people around the globe.

As a result of his expertise and growth in the marketing industries, he has been recognized through various awards like the one held in Philippine which is his place of birth. He continues to be a leader in the industry of health and fitness through his various products.  Bernie can also be found on Twitter, as well as Facebook for more information about the company.

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