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Ricardo Guimaraes Still Steering BMG In The Right Direction

The son of Flavio Pentagma Guimaraes, Ricardo Guimaraes, had the privilege of starting his life in one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Minas Gerais. Mr. Flavio, a successful entrepreneur, invested in agriculture, a tannery as well as coffee plantations. Ricardo Guimaraes is however well known for his role in his presiding role over BMG Bank.
Ricardo Guimaraes is described as a talented, hardworking and innovative leader in his role as the president of the bank. He has proven his leadership skills since taking over leadership of the bank in 1998. He worked hard to make BMG Bank the National Loans leader within a short period.
The interests if the Guimaraes family in the financial sector began in 1930 when Antonio Mourao Guimaraes founded Land Credit Bank. Ricardo Guimaraes’ position as the president of BMG makes him the fourth in line in the management of the family’s financial empire.
During the tenure of Ricardo Guimaraes, BMG adopted an innovative strategy. This strategy was aimed at making BMG the leader in consigned credit monitoring in the country. With its operations being handled by a lean and efficient team, and with consultants spread all over the country, BMG’s main focus has been on providing credit to a low default level audience. This focus has seen the bank emerge as the leader in the credit industry.
Apart from offering sound credit facilities, Ricardo Guimaraes is also involved in sponsoring football clubs as well as athletes. Currently, BMG ranks as the largest football sponsor in Brazil. The bank enjoys an excellent return from these sponsorships, making the bank one of the top Brazilian sponsors to enjoy great financial returns on football investments.
Football sponsorships provide a lot of advertising for the bank. The visibility of the bank is greatly increased when the bank’s three orange letters are placed in the various clubs all over the country. Apart from sponsorships, Ricardo Guimaraes also served as the chairman of the Alvinegro Mines, succeeding Nelio Brant. His tenure lasted five years, and Ziza Valadares later succeeded him.

Today, almost a decade after he left, he remains one of the most respected figures in the club, this respect extending even to the fans.
As found on Agencia Estado.


  1. Russel Startler says:

    His commitment during his presidency was clearly evident. On several occasions, he contributed money from his own pocket to help the team in difficult times. These things are what bestessays have to do and is going to recalled from time to time.

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