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What Impact Does the 2015 Stock Market Have on 2016 Prospects?

The role of stock markets in any economy cannot be underestimated; actually, it provides a platform where investors meet firms seeking to raise capital. Whenever the markets are down as for the case with the ending year 2015, the investors have a reason to get worried. The year 2015 was full of headlines on the global economy and economic issues, as the climate talks made headlines, the oil prices were also taking the stage in investments. A significant decrease in the prices of oil increases the investors worry to invest. The year started quite on unimpressive note in the first quarter. The midyear august and September was no good.

The mini-crash forced the attitude of investors to crash even further. The worrying trend is that since the stock markets recovered, the oil price discussion took the top position. This situation worsened the investors worry even further. The most significant is that the year ended, and 2016 is the new worry for investors. Actually, experts warn that the New Year may be an improvement from the last year. Most probable reason is the change in investors focus from the worry side of the pendulum may trigger a positive counter swing move.

Consider the rush to invest in safer stocks with more stable dividends will increase the demand for growing companies. If the returns turn more positive, the attitude is bound to change attracting more and more investors. In conclusion, the skeptical worry that dominated the whole of 2015 is bound to change to complacent optimism. This change is only if the 2016 environment brings more positive results from its better returns potential.

Among the most affected sectors with the fluctuation in investor trends are investment firms. Highland capital investment is a Dallas based investment firm with James Dondero as president. The company has diversified in alternative sectors to maximize return for investors and at lower risks. Watch Jim and the Highland team ring the closing bell at the NYSE below.

Jim investment experience started back in late 80’s after graduating from the University of Virginia. He is the head and chairman of various top business organizations like Nexpoint bank and the cornerstone health care center. Jim has also worked with protective life which is a GIC subsidiary as the chief financial officer. He has aligned his company to be the leading alternative investment firm in health care sector. Jim’s a management skills are attributed to highlands skills.

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