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Beneful is Still Among the Best

Freshpet Inc., a factory in Pennsylvania, is the only place that makes industrial refrigerated pet food that is on the market. This company provides pet owners with healthy pet food that is seemingly delicious enough for human consumption. The movement of eating healthy and fresh food has merged from humans to pets. Different dog food brands have selling points such as weight loss food, tor the ability to customize different flavors for each pet. Using human grade food such as blueberries, cranberries, and meat, as well as meals that are designed to delight humans such as lasagna and beef stroganoff, pets are now being spoiled into a human-grade life. Foods and treats are now made without artificial color and flavors to ensure the utmost health of pets. Pet food brands are on a constant hunt to be innovative with their products, providing pet owners with new foods. Sales of premium pet food are rising due to the strategy of having pets eat like humans. In return, large pet food companies are merging and being innovative themselves. Both dry and wet dog food are being sold with new innovative recipes. Human diets are being imitated, such as the paleo diet. This lets owners feed their dog healthy food that has been eaten by dogs for generations. However, feeding a pet food from Freshpet is very expensive. Using fresh ingredients for refrigerated dog food is much more expensive than the dry food that dogs are used to. A more approachable way to healthy dog food is with Purina Beneful. Beneful has antioxidant-rich nutrition, which gives dogs the nutrients they need to help them thrive. Beneful is also offered in a mix of textures that dogs love. The variety of flavors offered lets each owner pick out what is best for their dog. With both wet and dry food available from Beneful, it is able to suit any dog lover’ needs. Beneful is everyday healthy from puppies to senior dogs and it is a very delcious treat.

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