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CAD and Kyle Bass: Layered Financial Operatives

Fresenius and Alpex have zombie patents on drugs that should be revoked, according to CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD is run by Kyle Bass. Kyle Bass is a hedge fund manager based in Texas who jumped onto the mainstream financial scene in 2008 with great fanfare when he successfully predicted the sub-prime lending crisis which eventually led to the economic implosion of the US in the selfsame year.

Kyle Bass has also made predictions which were very accurate in regard to Japan, where a similar government implosion resulted in stimulus packages being meted out to the populace. He currently, as far as economics go, has his eyes on China, where he believes that overspending in reference to their GDP will lead to collapse in the next several years.

Kyle Bass is very good at profiting from the mistakes of the elite, and to that end CAD works a dual purpose. CAD first and foremost makes the cost of drugs more affordable, but secondly it seems as though Kyle is using this organization to manipulate the stock market in his favor. When big-time pharmaceuticals have the cost of their drugs diminished, the value of their stock decreases. When the value of their stock decreases, those who know when to buy and sell stand to increase their own financial gain substantially. Kyle Bass has done so successfully enough that congress has become bipartisan in their scramble to close the loophole he’s found, and that CNBC shows he continues to profit from.

But it doesn’t seem as though they’ve been successful yet, as Bass is yet again using CAD to manipulate things. Fresenius and Alpex have aspects of their medications patented which have nothing to do with how the medicines affect the users. For example, there’s a speckled finish to some of the pills in one case, and a well-known rubber stopper in another. Neither exigency will help or harm patients, so charging ten times the price of generic options does seem a little unreasonable. To this end, CAD is circulating petitions. Should those petitions successfully kill the “zombie” patents that just won’t die in reference to these pharmaceuticals, it is conceivable that Bass will profit in the stock market once again.

Kyle Bass has controversial ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina which was first exposed in UsefulStooges. While this association between the two could purely be a result of their nationality, it could also be the result of collusion between Kirchner and Bass. It’s impossible to tell for sure. The only thing that is beyond doubt is that Bass is exceptionally skilled at what he does, and seems to have a definite aim at continuing to make his fortunes from the misfortunes of organizations that seem “too big to fail”, as the saying goes.

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