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Charle’s Koch Interview with Yahoo! Finance

Charles de Ganahl Koch is best known as the media shy conservative CEO of Koch Industries. He is also known for him contributions to lobby groups and political campaigns that preach his gospel of a perfect America. The 80 year old billionaire is the world’s 9th richest man at $ 40 billion in wealth according to Forbes. He recently seems to have found new life and has even launched a new book on how he built his empire. He on the sidelines of the EY Strategic Growth Forum spoke to Andy Serwer at Palm Desert in California last week.

Charles Koch is a highly accomplished man. He has three degrees from Ivy League Uni MIT and has grown his father’s company from having sales of $ 23 million to today having sales of more than $ 110 billion annually. He has led to the incredible diversification of the family business and is today the second largest private company in the US.

In politics, he speaks with a measured restraint. He says he has learned to do this over time thanks to the habits of the media twisting his words in his mouth. When his brother expressed admiration for Mr. Walker, people concluded he had given millions to walker’s campaign. When they invited Fiorina to a seminar, it was taken as an endorsement of her. Such a background informs his silence on Donald Trump. He quickly adds that the current crop of leaders in America has disillusioned many people to the extent of candidates like Trump finding a voice.

Despite his history of well-known conservatism learnings, he describes himself as a classical liberal. He believes in small lean government with little control over the people. He accuses the current Obama administration of paying lip service to liberalism and actively seeking to control people’s lives.

His idea of a perfect government sounds like a text book Reagan Republican beliefs. He says the current irresponsible spending by the government should stop. The federal government has $ 100 Billion in debts and unfunded liabilities. He bemoans the current two-tiered society that has seen the 1% became even richer. He is also against corporate bailouts as they are profit making bodies. He believes the US foreign policy should be based on its security 1st.

This article is based on an article on the Yahoo Finance:

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