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A Little Bit About Marcio Alaor And His Analysis Of An Important Piece On Investing

I recently came across an interesting article on investing here. The auto industry is attracting more and more investors in the stock market. On the other hand, the scandals have seemed to affect performance in processes such like in Volkswagen, for example. Marcio Alaor, an executive of Banco BMG, brought good news in a brief summary of automakers on the stock exchange.

Marcio Alaor, from Banco BMG, states one of the first to go public on the stock exchange was General Motors completing 100 years of its IPO, which currently has over $53 billion in market value. Then Ford, who in 1956 took the initiative to offer his first IPO initiative as one of the greatest of his time, the equivalent of $600 million according to Marcio Alaor from Banco BMG.

IPO stands for initial public offering. This means a company starts to make its actions and trade public, usually to institutional investors and also for the general public such as private investors and individuals. Through this process, a company which starts off private then becomes a corporation. The initial public offering is used to raise funds and capital investment for companies, enabling the investments to be profited off of in greater value.

Marcio Alaor is an executive at Banco BMG, and has achieved much success in the financial world. Recently on his website,, he offered some insight into an initial public offering made by Japan Post Holding, which was the biggest in the world in 2015. Marcio Alaor expertly analyzed the company and its subsidiaries with the almost computer precision. It is no wonder he is such an asset to Banco BMG. He also embodies the very principles of Banco BMG, which is to forge close relationships with customers, act ethically and honestly and make the most out of profits. He has very close ties to his hometown as well, and he is known to be very a generous philanthropist. He offers nothing but quality, simple and flexible work when forging new relationships with clients, and he has a straight forward approach his clients have come to appreciate. He is a great example of how Banco BMG wants to portray itself to the public. Hopefully, the rest of the employees are as quality as Marcio Alaor.

Source: Exame Magazine

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