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US Money Reserve and the CABF

Source: Digital Journal

The widely-known vendor of gold known as US Money Reserve has recently announced that they are going to start a fund on CrowdRise to bring support to the Capital Area Foot Bank of Texas. This organization helps hungry people get food so they will not suffer from starvation, at least not as nearly as much as they have suffered in the past from starvation.

This bank gave out more than twenty-five million pounds worth of food in 2010, 31 the year before that, and have done nothing since improve dramatically since then. More than twenty counties benefit from the services that the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas provides, and US Money Reserve is helping keep them from possibly going out of service. This program is extremely important to all of the people that benefit from these services.

US Money Reserve is one of the leading businesses in the precious metal industry. US Money Reserve helps arrange the trades that need to be made in order to get the numismatic coins, bullion, and bullion coins that the customer has purchased to a designated, qualified, FDIC protected financial institution or the owner himself. US Money Reserve is also based out of Texas, just like the CAFB of Texas that US Money Reserve is funding.

There are more than one hundred employees that are on US Money Reserve’s team, and all of them are necessary in bringing precious metals to the customers that purchase them for many different purposes. Investors buy gold because it increases in value over time, collectors prefer gold coins made by the United States Fed because of their authenticity, and some people like to have gold around just to show off to friends, family, and to enjoy themselves.

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