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The Inspirational Works Of George Soros.

Man must live with a purpose and inspire others. George Soros’ life has inspired entire generations across the world. He is known to the world as a philanthropist, human rights and democracy ambassador. He is also an investor with billions in stakes in hedge funds.
His Open Society Foundations organization facilitates his humanitarian interventions in over one hundred countries. The foundations run independently on all continents and works towards the empowerment of the locals. The Open Society Foundations has promoted education around the world through scholarship programs.
He has contributed immensely to the body of knowledge and public opinion for over three decades now. It also spreads core values related to human dignity. The Open Society Foundations anchor on the respect and concern for human rights and freedoms, accountability and transparency.
Scholarships aside, George Soros through his vast networks has been lauded for his assistance to the South African population during the Apartheid. His involvement in undermining Communism in the Eastern Bloc during the cold war played a critical role in facilitating cultural exchange with the West.
His philanthropic works extend to all corners of the world from Africa, Europe, and Asia. Being a philanthropist and a social entrepreneur, he has been active in discrediting efforts to oppress other human beings. For instance, he has called for transparency and accountability in the minerals extraction. Mining companies have been observed to collaborate with war mongers to cause conflict and war.
George Soros calls for a free thinking society with the willingness to learn and think freely. He also calls for an understanding of our imperfectly balanced word and how it operates. In the world where we share different ideas and experiences, we can still engage in fair and constructive discussions.
On a personal level, George Soros remains true to himself and humanity. He views his success in life as an opportunity to influence the lives of others in a positive way. He feels hurt by human suffering and never backs down from condemning controversy. Indeed, as human being we are obliged to look after fellow men.
Recently, he called upon European Union member countries to accept responsibility and come up with long-lasting measures manage the influx of political asylum seekers. He observes the collective selfishness among European states that sit and watch as the situation escalates.
All the attention of the crisis should be directed towards the real victims of the conflict. Instead, European states view themselves as the victims, closing their borders and leaving refugees to suffer. George Soros has already suggested a comprehensive global response strategy to solve the crisis.
George Soros also weighed in on the controversial Ukraine-Russia conflict. Again he called for the collective responsibility of the European Union Bloc in solving the conflict. He reasoned that the EU needs to be more united than ever and should rediscover the spirit and purpose of its creation.
The contribution made by George Soros’ to humanity will never be forgotten. A new generation of good doers and champions humanity will make the world a better place.

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