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The Artistic Eye of Adam Sender

Art comes in myriad forms. Even within a specific type of art there’s a lot of variation. Any given painting could be classified under conceptual, minimalism, modern or other types. Even knowing how to classify any given piece can require true dedication to the artistic world. Artists themselves are prone to blur the nature of their works. And it’s often difficult for the amateur to know when a move from a standard is intentional or accidental. This is one reason why art collectors tend to focus on known works. It’s far easier to get the measure of a work after hundreds of people have weighed in on it. That said, there’s a rare genius who can spot quality work on first sight. The world is currently realizing just how true this is of a man named Adam Sender.

The main reason that Sender has caught people’s attention is his massive unveiling. For the first time he’s let the public at large see the majority of his gallery. To say people were shocked would be an understatement. Sender is putting 400 pieces, created by 139 artists, up for auction. Even more striking is the fact that this isn’t even the entirety of his collection. But the fact that has shocked people the most is the consistent level of quality. As he showed off his collection to the world it became obvious that Sender had an amazing talent. Instead of simply focusing on established artists, Sender has been able to notice quality work far before the crowd. This has let Sender pick up some amazing works of art far before the artists made a name for themselves. And in the process he’s found himself the proud owner of some amazingly beautiful and valuable pieces.

Sender leveraged his success in the business world into the realm of high art back in the mid 90s. It might well be that his ability to note financial trends helped him understand the same trends in the art world. Whatever Sender’s secret, one thing is obvious. He’s among the few people in the world with the ability to spot rising stars before the rest of the world. And he’s also able to put together a collection with internal cohesion. People aren’t only amazed by the artists and individual pieces in his collection. It’s also noteworthy for the fact that there’s a continual narrative to be found in the works. It’s obvious on seeing them that Sender purchases based on more than potential for financial accrual. His pieces show a deep insight into the personal meaning of various works of art. And this is something that also hints at how Sender makes his decisions. He quite obviously has an eye for talent, but also for artistic meaning.

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