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Slyce: A Leading Company in Product Visual Search

Slyce is a company that has gone an extra mile in enhancing visual search technology. Its operations are based in Toronto. This syndicate provides classy 3D or 2D visual search expertise that provides a large number of its clients to employ applications at the comfort of their smartphones. Users only need to take a snap or image on their mobile phones. Consequently, customers are presented with all matching products from the retailer’s stores. Some potential users of Slyce visual search technology include big retail brands such as Tilly’s, JCPenney, Niemen Marcus and, Home Depot.

Following its earlier announcement, Slyce Inc. has a plan of displaying all its products and tools used by customers to facilitate visual search for products. The debuting of numerous facilities, which are presently in beta development, will be included in the showcase. Slyce pictorial search expertise enables its clients to search easily the products of their interest. This is made possible through the integration of mobile e-commerce application to the retailer’s site. Users are only required to snap a photo of the product they would like to purchase. Immediately, similar items are accessed at the retailer’s store.

The displaying will also cover other numerous Slyce’s products .Preview of beta products or items under development will also be launched. All these products are designed in a way to assist the users of this technology to easily access items of their interest through their smartphones. Slyce’s Big Data permitted analytics have largely assisted retailers in increasing mobile client engagement, enhancing mobile-based profits, and client’s brainpower.

Universal scanners are also other tools to be showcased. The technology allows customers to scan any items around them to receive a similar or exact item online. The universal scanner is capable of handling barcodes, QR codes, coupons and actual object. Slyce technology also integrates several tools which can extract significant information in an appropriate design from item images. This provides retailers with an exceptional look of what customers want.

Snap-to Coupon technology plays a very critical role. It enables retailer’s application clients to capture a snap of any of its printed coupons, whether through catalog or newspaper. Immediately, a mobile-optimized form is produced which is a stored in-app. Clients are then alerted to use it when around the retail supplies. Mobile shopping applications, boutique fashion discovery app, and mobile coupon app will also be showcased.

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