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Attorney Dan Newlin: Committed To Getting Justice For The Injured

Dan Newlin is considered by many to be one of Florida’s super lawyers. The founder of Dan Newlin & Partners, he has won over $100 million in judgments for his clients. Plus he has handled over 10,000 cases. But Dan Newlin does not consider himself a super lawyer. He simply sees himself as a public servant doing his best to protect the health and the rights of his clients. It is something he has been doing ever since he was 18 years old and he got his first job as an emergency medical technician. To Dan Newlin his commitment remains to mitigate the pain and suffering of others.

Dan Newlin began his career serving the public when he got a job as an EMT in New Chicago, Indiana at the age of 18. Later he became a police officer and then a deputy sheriff in Orange County, Florida where he worked with the tourist policing division, the fugitive division, and the patrol division. His exemplary work record led to him receiving many honors and awards. While employed with the sheriff’s department, he attended night school and graduated with a 4 year degree in business management. He then went on to earn his law degree from Florida State University College of Law while continuing to work as a deputy sheriff.

Armed with his law degree, he continued to fight for justice for victims of unjust treatment. He has gained a great deal of experience working in areas such as criminal law, civil litigation, legal research, legal writing, mediation, family law, and litigation support. Since founding Dan Newlin & Partners in 2001, Newlin has earned a great deal of experience in the courts as a trial lawyer. In his role championing the rights of accident victims, he has successfully represented thousands of clients and won them judgments that total more than $100 million dollars.

But to Dan Newlin, winning cases for his clients is about more than money. It’s about the great feeling he gets knowing he played a role in getting justice for his clients all over Florida. He considers it an honor to be able to work to ensure accident victims will have the resources they need to take care of their families and themselves as they recover from their accident. Newlin takes each case personal and invests his time, energy, knowledge of the law, and experience to make sure each case has an outcome of which he can be proud and with which his clients are satisfied.

Dan Newlin also remains committed to the community in which he works and lives. He demonstrates this by lending his time, talent, and resources to support numerous charitable and volunteer organizations.

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