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Dan Newlin Is One Of Florida’s Super Lawyers

If you live in Florida and need a good personal injury lawyer, look no further than Dan Newlin and Associates. Dan Newlin is one of the most successful lawyers in the state of Florida and has the track record to back it up. He has won millions of dollars in personal claims against some of the largest companies in the U.S. Newlin and his professional team of lawyers are ready to take on anyone. They take on all types of negligence cases including personal injury, DUI, auto and truck accidents, work-related injuries and even slips and falls.

It has always been Newlin’s goal to be a lawyer. After graduation from high school, Newlin went to college and received his undergraduate degree. He went to work for the New Chicago, Illinois Police Department and rose to the rank of sheriff’s detective. Newlin graduated from Florida State University Law School. The experience and knowledge he gained as a police officer was a tremendous help to Newlin going into the court room.

Newlin understands how someone else’s negligence can have devastating effects on a family. He and his firm of 18 lawyers are highly-motivated to help you win your claim. He is deeply-respected by his peers and was recently voted as one of Florida’s Super Lawyers. This award is given to only the top 5 percent of lawyers in the state.

Newlin is widely known for his philanthropy. He sits on a number of charitable organizations and has his own in conjunction with Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. He also gives generously to many local shelters and foundations for the needy. Newlin has recently opened another full-service practice in Illionis that offers the same first-rate services.

If you are a victim of negligence and need a lawyer, call Dan Newlin and Associates. All consultations are free.

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