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Law Firm of Dan Newlin, A Firm For Everyone

Everyone at some point in their lives needs an attorney. You may need one for a car or motorcycle accident personal injury, family law, nursing home violations, birth injuries and many others. It is encouraging and helpful when you have a qualified, experienced attorney pleading your case. Clients want to rely on a skilled, trained person who knows the law and has experience with the particular area in which they need guidance.

One lawyer who understands his clients is Dan Newlin. At a young age, he realized he loved helping people. When Newlin turned 18 years old, he became an Emergency Medical Technician. This included his usefulness of delivering a baby as an EMT. Two years later he joined the New Chicago, Indiana Police Department and the Fire Department. Newlin attended Florida State University of Law while he worked with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Orlando, Florida. He worked 10 years for the Sheriff’s office. His efforts allowed him to earn the rank of detective in the department. While assigned to the fugitive division, Dan Newlin handled the arrest of hundreds of harmful criminals. His life has always leaned toward Public Service. His decision to enter law school furthered this dedication and ability to impact people’s lives.

After graduating from law school in 2000, he became licensed in the states of Illinois and Florida. He and his firm offer excellent service at both locations. The legal team received the distinction known as a Super Lawyer Law firm. Most law firms don’t receive this honor and it’s quite a distinction to receive this because it designates the firm as an efficient, ethical firm.

Dan Newlin works with 18 other highly qualified attorney’s. They work hard to represent their clients’ interest and needs. The firm has grown from a tiny office to a large, booming practice. Attorney’s come from varied backgrounds in this organization. For example, one attorney is a former State Prosecutor, and another a retired surgeon. Diverse backgrounds of the lawyers at the firm help each lawyer bring a special and unique point of view to each case. The cases like the attorneys range from brain and spinal, medicine, injuries, social security disability to wrongful death, air malfunctions, workers injuries and cerebral palsy. The remarkable skills they use are different but powerful.

When you need competent, reliable and solid advice or representation The Law Offices of Dan Newlin and his firm is the firm you want to show your true side. You don’t have to live in doubt or feel stuck in a bad situation. Dan Newlin and his staff are experienced enough to get your problem eliminated or reduced. Your need to function in society and retain the life you’ve established is important. The Public Service attorneys offer make sure clients get their lives back.

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