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How Every Company Should Deal With Customer Complaints

Regardless of the size, any company is likely to deal with a complaint from a client. However, what really matters is how the company reacts to the complaint and whether the client feels appreciated or not. For a client to feel taken care of, he must be accorded enough time because when a company juggles serving on complaints, it leaves at least one or a few clients feeling unsatisfied. To retain the client, it is imperative to act very professionally and tackle the complaint quickly and in a methodical manner. When a problem is solved, the company is provided with an opportunity to serve the same client once more and when it is not, the opposite happens.

Whenever a complaint is received, it should be acted on quickly, and a reply should be made regardless of how outrageous it is. It is also important to be as open- minded as possible about the situation and if need be, offer an apology to make the client feel appreciated. Even in the event that an apology is not the right thing to do morally or legally, the customer care assistant should offer consoling words to the client in a courteous manner.

Another very important aspect of handling customer complaints is being composed regardless of the intensity of the client’s anger. If the customer assistant allows himself to get irritable, he might end up saying things that are not professional and that might be regretful for business. After the complaint is made, it is then important to take a very optimistic approach and keep a steady focus on what help one can offer as opposed to what one can’t do. In the rare event that the problem can not be solved, the company should tell the client shortly after the complaint is made to avoid instances of them having false hopes.

Similar with many other companies, White Shark Media receives customer complaints once in a while. Because of the nature of the niche the company operates in, it ensures that it keeps itself abreast of all technological advances and how to foresee possible complaints that clients might report in future. The company attributes a lot of its growth to the complaints because they have made it more grounded when matters related to producing good service are concerned. In the future, White Shark Media  hopes that it will improve its overall service delivery and become a pace setter in its niche.

Source: White Shark Media Blog

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