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FreedomPop’s Free 4G Plan

Have you dreamed of the day you wouldn’t have to pay for 4G service? Dream no longer. The dream has become reality crossing the Atlantic ocean courtesy of Great Britain’s FreedomPop. The British company has entered America, boasting the world’s first entirely free 4G plan. This is less than exciting news for telecommunications bigwigs here in the states. FreedomPop’s free plan will be severely challenging their competitive rates. The only money required by FreedomPop to begin is a small set-up fee. Just remember the number 200. The monthly service includes 200 minutes of calls, 200 texts, 200 MB of data.

Naturally, the company has a money-making angle. FreedomPop will make money by offering to these free plan subscribers upgrades for additional monthly fees. This strategy has actually worked well in Great Britain. However, it has not worked as well in the states where only around half of the subscribers actually take advantage of the updates. FreedomPop will also make money via advertising sponsors. It will give its subscribers opportunities to receive credit for upgrades by completing surveys from these sponsors. FreedomPop is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). This means that it doesn’t own mobile infrastructure. In addition, this means it targets specific sectors of the market instead of marketing everyone. In this case, FreedomPop targets the richest sector of the marketplace. This whole free 4G is the brainchild of FreedomPop CEO, Stephen Stokols. In fact, FreedomPop as a whole owes its very existence to Stokols who founded the company in 2011.

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