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FreedomPop’s Plans to Free the Mobile World

A sign of the times is the sheer number of people across the world using mobile devices of one type or another. What is truly incredible, though, is how much the majority of those people pay for their mobile service. That, however, may all come to an end, at least if FreedomPop has anything to say about the matter. The wireless carrier famous for its free text, talk and data program certainly seems rather intent on changing pricing standards.

Many people may question if free mobile service is worth the effort. More than 500,000 Americans seem to think so, the subscribers enjoying 500 texts, 500MB of data, and 200 minutes at no costs to themselves. People who need more will quickly discover it’s unlikely any other mobile carrier can beat FreedomPop’s prices. Needless to say, the company ‘s plans to increase the number of American subscribers to a million before the year is out looks rather feasible.

FreedomPop has no intention of stopping at America’s borders. In fact, the company has established a global expansion plan, which includes France, Spain, Germany, the UK and several countries located in the Pacific Rim. This follows a partnership with KPN, a Dutch mobile carrier. While FreedomPop on will not actually launch in the UK until later this year, they have begun alpha testing. Those interested in trying free mobile service can choose the free plan, which is the same free service American’s already enjoy. However, subscribers can also opt for the Premium 1GB plan, which provides 1000 SMS and messages, free voicemail and 1GB of data for $13 a month. The Premium 2GB plan offers 2GB of data and unlimited SMS and messages for only $18 a month. With offers such as those, there is no doubt FreedomPop will take the UK by storm.

Steven Sesar, FreedomPop’s co-founder and COO, admits the company plans to provide the world with low-cost and free mobile service. In fact, the trendsetting mobile service company has every intention of expanding into at least eight new markets over the next couple of years. The article, originally reported on DigitalTrends, does state FreedomPop will offer the same free service plans currently available in America. More to the point, Freedpop subscribers have the advantage of an ever-growing network at the touch of their fingers without the ever-increasing price.

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