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Brian Mulligans Rising Career

Brian Mulligan is a proud inventor of the Mulligan concept in physiotherapy that has won a global acclamation and is currently used and taught all over the world. Mulligan speaks so highly of his innovation and he always take pride in his decision to become a physiotherapist. However, he is always quick to admit that his successful career as a physiotherapist began as a chance encounter. He was introduced by an old acquaintance who emphasized to him that taking the career would benefit him since it was a futuristic career. At that time, Mulligan was actually thinking of changing his career and this new information could not have come at a better time.

Mulligan was at the time under pressure at work as he was being pushed to get a degree in accounting. Business and mathematics were not his cup of tea nor his preferred area of study. His passion was in sciences or something practical rather than sitting down and signing on papers. However, his journey was not as easy as told. His first challenge was at his first day of school when he went to class and found there were so many women in the class than there were boys.

Off course one would have the normal “am I in the wrong place” feeling but then he realized he had already got in so there was no turning back. It seemed as if it was females only course but he soldiered on. He counts the conversation with his acquaintance the best moment of his life because it changed his life’s course for good. He describes his college years as simply a period of hard work which he reaps from today. It was after years of study that he graduated in 1954 and in the same year he was taken in at the Wellington Public Hospital.

Mulligan became very successful that in 7 months he had started his own practices. By this time he had already written and published a book. He was inspired by the confidence that his clients had in him. He recounts an old lady who came to him saying that she only trusted him and his ability because he was a confident man. In 1970, he won the World Confederation for Freddy Kaltenborn. He has been very successful in his career thanks to his dedicated passion in helping other and this has propelled him to greater heights.

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