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Consummate Irish Tenor

Opera singers might be the only artists in the world to elicit depths of emotions from audience members, leaving those afflicted perfectly stunned as tears roll down their face. It is not until one has seen the likes of Andrea Bocelli, or if they were lucky enough to have seen Luciano Pavarotti, do they really understand how powerful a tenor can be. Brian Mulligan, a New-York born, Juilliard-educated, baritone opera singer is well on his way to joining the ranks of the afore mentioned. Mr. Mulligan did the somewhat unimaginable, debuting at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City while he was in high school at Juilliard. Any artist who has achieved such ridiculously lofty heights at such a young age is clearly destined for greatness. All artists who experience success do not have to have such auspicious moments at a tender age, alas it is undoubtedly a harbinger of things to come. It is both awe-inspiring and a bit scary, to contemplate how success might be defined, after one has debuted at The Met as a teenager, for that is normally lifelong goal of any tenor.

Mr. Mulligan, having attended Yale University after Juilliard, still studies with his primary voice instructor, W. Stephen Smith. When he initially started applying to universities, his singing was a footnote on his applications, as his main goal was to get a degree in English. The response from schools to which he applied were overwhelmingly interested in his voice, leading him to believe that perhaps his path was indeed about to change. His voice has now carried him to numerous highly-regarded opera houses in cities such as San Francisco, where he currently resides, as well as Zurich, Los Angeles, Frankfort, Chicago and Houston, among others. A number of his performances have also garnered critical acclaim for this performer. It would seem his fate was sealed, as the response of those schools he applied to helped him focus on his voice. He has also performed with some of the best orchestras in the United States, including the Cleveland Orchestra, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Baltimore Symphony and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

This Irish tenor traces his ancestry back to Leitrim, a border county in Northern Ireland. He does have dual citizenship, in both the United States as well as that of his ancestral home country. Ireland has turned out some amazing tenors, and not the least of which are Ronan Tynan, Anthony Kearns and Finbar Wright. In this way, he does join a small, but fiercely talented, group of vocal artists hailing from this storied island. After debuting at The Met, The Garden will likely be the next hurdle Mr. Mulligan will easily clear, further solidifying his position as a world-class tenor.

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