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Kevin Seawright Is Making Moves To Continue His Success

Kevin Seawright got recognition by Notre Dame’s leadership program for executive. Kevin Seawright serves as the vice president of the Newark community economic development Corporation. He was recognized today on September 11, 2015 for successfully completing the second installment of his other nonprofit fund development program. He had taken this step in order to give himself continuing education, and also because he wants to continue to be an individual that is an active participant in an education systems communities and also the government.

Seawright states that he always knew it was important to be an active member in the communities that he served, and that was the main motivation for going after the certificate. This is a program that was exclusively made to help leaders in business to keep up with the competition in the non-profit sector of today. This second course was entitled “Leading nonprofit boards,” and it helps to evaluate the structure of how boards are run and it helps an individual to learn to run boards more efficiently and effectively. When these boards are run in that manner they become more mature and they grow. Since having a good board includes things such as initial orientation, evaluation, training, and cultivating possible future board members, it is a step that is very necessary to ensure the future success of any organization or business.

Seawright has a long career being a leader in the private and public sectors of finance management. He has used his expertise to give long-standing benefits to many different communities in the east coast. Currently Kevin Seawright serves as the VP and the CFO of his company and he is also involved in many community efforts.

Seawright has worked in many different fields ranging from education all the way to government. He is an active member of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, the American Society of Public Administrators, and also the national Association of Black Accountants.

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