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Brad Reifler: Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Few people can call themselves entrepreneurs, but even fewer can hold the distinction of being serial entrepreneurs. Brad Reifler can boast of both accomplishments, and is one of the top financial professionals in the field. Reifler started both Forefront Capital and Pali Capital, and is the perfect case study in the traits that serial entrepreneurs share.

Find a Need and Fill It

Entrepreneurs don’t sit around and wait for permission. They find problems that need solutions. They then work to solve those problems, never resting until they have found the exact solution. Reifler started his foray into entrepreneurship in the early 1980s, when he started Reifler Trading Company. His firm managed multi-million dollar accounts, and he grew the company until finally selling it to the largest futures company in the world. Reifler knew that there was a market for his services and he provided what the market demanded. Serial entrepreneurs know their customers, their wants and needs and provide them.

Know Your Competitors

It pays to shop your competitors, because they are certainly shopping you. When Reifler prepared to open yet his second company, he studied the markets carefully, taking note of what his competitors did wrong—and right. By understanding what forces he was up against, he was able to tailor his company accordingly. Brad Reifler trained his staff of financial advisers well. Every one was required to know everything about their product as well as every major competitor’s product and services.

Become a Shameless Self-Promoter

Promote yourself and your products often. If you’re not excited about your brand, nobody else will be. This is one technique that Reifler has mastered beautifully. Pali Capital had one of the best marketing campaigns of any other financial services firm, catapulting it into the upper ecehlons of the financial world.

When it comes to being a successful serial entrepreneur, few can hold a candle to Brad Reifler.

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