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Pulse Evolution Corporation is Paving the Way for Realistic Digital Humans

Pulse Evolution Corporation, which is based out of Port Saint Lucie, Florida, is the leader in creating super-realistic digital humans that are used a holographs during live performances, in virtual reality simulations, and as artificial intelligence. The company has recently released the results from their 2nd quarter of their fiscal year from December of 2014. In addition to releasing their 2nd quarter fiscal results, Pulse Evolution Corporation has announced their intentions on filing their S-1 registration statement that would put them on the national stock exchange.

John Textor, the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation has made a statement saying that as a company they are innovators in their field and extremely pleased with where they are heading. The funds that investors have provided has allowed Pulse to become a leading developer in the hyper-realistic industry. The company was originally listed on the OTC Markets so that their European Depositary Receipts had a linked security. Now, thanks to the help from their investors, Pulse is ready to make an appearance on the national stock exchange.

Pulse Evolution Corporation is just one of the innovative ventures that John Textor has been a part of. A graduate from Wesleyan University, Textor joined the digital media industry in 2006 when he became Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Digital Domain Media Group. Under Textor’s leadership, Digital Domain Media Group has created the stunning visual effects for many large scale movies including “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”, “Jumper”, “Transformers”, “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian”, “Ender’s Game”, and many more. He lists one of the highlights of his career as being part of the team that helped to create the live performance hologram of Tupac Shakur that appeared at 2012’s Coachella Valley Music festival according to

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