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Eric Pulier-The Saint of Sand Hill Road

With his enormous string of successes, Eric Pulier is a hurricane to be reckoned with on the Silicon Valley tech scene. All within the period of 20 years, he has founded or cofounded nearly 16 businesses, in addition to angel investing into a profoundly successful string of startup companies. He has even worked for three of the most cutting edge boutique venture capital firms before he made the very conscious decision to dedicate his entire life to giving back to the world through philanthropy.

Eric is definitely considered to be one of the world’s most successful Silicon Valley investors as he has the uncanny ability to find a very specific, unguarded niche and take it over, then sell the services of his company with a Steve Jobs-like charisma that is only found in the keenest investors. This technique has enabled him to succeed as a tech startup founder, earning him millions of dollars in net worth and respect amongst the community of startup companies that inhabit the world of Silicon Valley.
The time he’s dedicated to the world of venture capital earned his companies and himself hundreds of millions of dollars, causing the smaller boutique firms that he worked for to develop into mega firms seemingly overnight, which was great for him because he owned such a significant share of every venture capital firm that he worked for.

With his profound work ethic as a philanthropist, he is definitely a busy man. Famously, he is a board member for The Painted Turtle, an organization that seeks to emotionally rehabilitate children who are diagnosed as terminally ill via naturesque summer camp activities.

His ability to touch the hearts of everyone he comes in contact with is quite evident in the profound way that the masses tend to respond to his writing. As a writer for the Harvard Crimson as well as frequent guest writer at Forbes Magazine, he has established his ability to provoke thought, feeling and ideas to all who come in contact with his brilliance.

When someone is as brilliant as Eric Pulier (Twitter) is, it is often times difficult for them to accurately convey their feelings because their status and intellect tend to make some uncomfortable. Eric has a way of reaching out to people and making them feel very warm and at home. This is why so many startup company founders and venture capital firms treat Eric Pulier as the go to guy for investment guidance and mentoring on a fairly consistent basis. This excellent set of skills also makes him an excellent public speaker, which he does in his free time, promoting the ideas of freethinking, hard work and philanthropy.

Eric Pulier has quickly revolutionized the world of investing including enterprise software and for this he will obviously be marked down in the history books as one of Sand Hill Road’s most prolific investors. Eric Pulier’s profile is linked.

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