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Computer Sciences Corporation And Eric Pulier: Innovations For The Future

The Computer Sciences Corporation entered the field of IT technology early. Originally founded in April of 1959, the firm first provided programming tools to groups in need of them. By the 60’s they were providing writing services to some of ITs first major manufacturers such as IBM and Honeywell. Through the years, the company would do well for itself.

Today it’s an American Multinational Corporation. It provides IT services and professional services to those requiring them. The firm is currently headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia. It’s thought to have over 73,000 employees working in over 70 countries. In September 2009, CSC would become the major hardware vendor independent IT service provider with an operation still in the US.

Today CSC works closely with the government in the US. Some of its clients include various departments of the US Federal government as well as the government found at the state and local levels. They also work with non-government agencies. They have been on the Fortune 500 list since 1995. CSC ranked 185 in 2014.

They have three main service lines. The first is in the North America Public Sector (NPS). CSC remains one of the major IT suppliers for the US Federal Government since 1961. Some of these departments include US Department of Defense, intelligence agencies, Homeland Security, NASA and law enforcement. Their second line of service is in the area of managed services. Finally, it also provides for business solutions and services.

To remain at the top firms such as CSC must stay inventive, always searching for the next big step in the area of IT. In order to do so they must also use only the most innovative staff that they can. That indeed happened when Eric Pulier was made CEO. Eric Pulier is one of CSCs most popular and renowned CEOs.

Eric Pulier is a well-known entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist based in LA. Mr. Pulier was raised in Teaneck New Jersey and by fourth grade he had begun to write his first code. By high school, he had created a database service. From there he began to study at Harvard. Eric Pulier was brought up in Teaneck in New Jersey.

He would soon begin to create software that would benefit others. In 1991, he had founded People Doing Things. A company dedicated to health care, and education as well as other issues through the use of technology. It is hoped that Mr. Pulier will bring even more innovations to a field that is rapidly expanding and changing.

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