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Brain Bonar’s Shift from Engineering to Financial Management

Currently, one of the best globally renowned financial experts in the world is Brian Bonar who has been in the industry for several years now. His popularity is partly as a result of the growing demand for financial advisory services in the market today. Due to the increased activities in the money markets, the world has been looking for financial solution form experts in field one of them being Brian Bonar. The current globalized world has partly contributed to the current financial complexities that have ultimately resulted in the rise in demand for financial advisory services. Bonar has shown his expertise by transforming Trucept into a multibillion company. It was through Trucept that he was able to rise above the ranks to become one of the greatest financial advisors.

Bonar has worked in different companies serving in different leadership capacities. At Dalrada Financial Corporation for instance he was the CEO for some years before he left. However, he is still remembered and revered at the company. He left a system that the company uses up to date. He is very popular for creating business management structures and this skill was developed earlier in his childhood. As a child, Bonar was very passionate about structures only that he did not realize that the structures he was going to be creating were to be of a different nature.

His passion as a child led him to pursue a career in engineering where he still excelled. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and also a master’s degree in the same. However, his pursuit in this filed took a different turn when he started working after accumulating a wealth of education. He began his formal employment at IBM where he was the head of the technical department. Working at IBM was an eye opening experience for Bonar because here he earned the experience of leading and mobilizing people to achieve set goals. In this position, Bonar practiced his creativity by creating management structures that worked for the company and yielded great success. Brian Bonar is a hard working man.

As a matter of preference, Bonar has specialized in mergers and acquisitions. He has been involved in numerous deals of the same nature and his ability to come up with good market judgment has propelled him to high heights in the industry. He has been very instrumental in creating financial management structures that have helped corporations, individuals, and governments to avert great losses. With his business acumen, Bonar is still a great man with a great personality and his lifestyle is a proof of that. He is philanthropists and he has been very involved in humanitarian activities. He also chairs several charity foundations as well as founding some of them in partnership with his friends. Brian Bonar was written about by PRNewsWire.

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