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Back in the Saddle, Thanks to Dan Newlin

It seems like my life has always revolved around rodeos. My grandparents raised horses on their farm in Indiana and our parents taught us how to ride. Some of my earliest memories were of my sister and me riding around the ring while our parents gently guided the horse on a rope. Riding horses is in our blood and we hoped to continue the generational custom.

When I was old enough to have a horse of my own, my parents bought me a beautiful black horse that I named Night Ryder. My sister got a pretty little quarter horse that she named Rosie and we started training on our new pets. It is a lot of responsibility to care for a horse. They have to be fed, watered, brushed, and their stalls need daily cleaning. We also had to make sure that their hooves and shoes got proper attention. These horses became our best friends.

When we got a little older and more experienced, our parents let us do some trick riding in the rodeo. They taught us how to work with the horse as a team and to do the tricks safely. There was no feeling in the world like riding with Night Ryder and feeling the wind whip across my face. The crowds would cheer as we did our tricks. I think the horses had as much fun as we did.

When I graduated from school, I decided to go into rodeo work full-time. My sister became a veterinarian and I assisted her on many of her rural appointments. My parents still own their rodeo; however, my uncle manages it for them so they have more time to relax and enjoy their grandchildren. The rodeo fans still come in droves every weekend to watch their favorite horses and riders. Dan Newlin is a well known personal injury attorney in the state of Florida.

After being with my parent’s rodeo since I was a young child, the opportunity arose for me to co-own a rodeo company in Florida. I had been saving up money for a long time and felt like this would be my big chance to further my career. With my family’s blessing, I moved to Florida and become part of one of the best rodeo companies in the South.

All was going well until a careless motorist rear-ended me one day while I was going to work. It did not do much damage to his truck; however, it totaled my car. Even worse, the wreck totally messed up my spine. Although the other guy had insurance, the company was being stubborn about paying some of the medical bills I was accruing.

That is when one of my coworkers suggested the Law Offices of Dan Newlin. I was able to get a free consultation and his team of professional attorneys took my case. They empathetically listened to me and were able to get the settlement that I deserved. Dan Newlin specializes in cases that involve injuries, negligence, and wrongful death. Thanks to his services, I am back in the saddle again and doing what I love. Check out Dan Newlin on

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