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Adam Sender Combines His Business And Personal Pursuits

Known for offering novice art enthusiasts advice in regards to
collecting great works, Adam Sender remains a prominent leader in the
business industry. Currently residing in New York with a vacation home
in Florida, this strategic businessman embodies excellence, talent,
and transparency in all of his professional and personal endeavors.
Moreover, Sender is the forerunner in merging former career
experiences with his profound art passion. Most prominently, his
ultimate goal is to inspire many individuals to implement his great
work collecting practices.

Throughout the 1990s, Sender gradually acquired many distinguished art
pieces and just recently he announced his decision to sell his
collection on the auction block after resigning from his successful
firm, Exis Capital Management Inc. Although Sender expected to receive
roughly $100 million for his extensive art portfolio which encompassed
over 1,000 paintings, experts at the auction house estimated $70
million for his unique holdings. Notably, Sender still expects to
generate substantial profit for the sell despite the various
conflicting predictions.

Interestingly, Sender’s profound passion for great works fueled following his
departure from SAC Capital Advisors LP in the late 1990s. Moreover, he
started collecting unique paintings as a hobby which quickly grew to
an obsession. Alongside his then new business pursuit (Exis Capital
Management), he acquired renowned art with the strong intent to sell them in
the future for a great profit. He hired Todd Levin, who was the New
York-based Levin Art Group Director, to assist in assembling his
collection from 1998 to 2008. Amazingly, prices for many prints rose
along with the contemporary art market; therefore, Sender accumulated
a massive profit with the sale of approximately forty pieces in the
mid 2000s.

Sender’s art collecting success surprised him and other great work
enthusiasts and he attributes his holding profits to his hedge fund
management expertise. Instead of selecting equity for investors, he
employed his same discerning eye to acquire distinguished and
reasonably priced paintings from artists who were on the brink of
stardom. Remarkably, his collection from the previous decade has
increased tremendously in value. Adam Sender is a well known part-time art collector.

Unlike many art collectors, Sender strives to share his experiences
with great works aficionados worldwide. In fact, just recently he
portrayed many of his holdings at his Florida house during the annual
Art Basel Miami Beach exhibit. He suggests that individual purchase
inexperienced paintings from artists who have almost received renowned
recognition. In addition, he recommends a highly diversified
collection of pieces including various artists, genders, and genres.
When the contemporary art market is flourishing, he advises all art
collectors to sell their distinguished holdings. Commendably, in the
near future, Sender plans to donate many of his remaining great works
to major art institutions around the world. Check out Adam Sender’s FB profile.

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