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Achievements of Brian Mulligan The Great Advisor

The greatest joy is of someone working quite hard and actually seeing the fruits of the hard work. People become seriously happy when this fruits start flowing in plenty; more than they can l take in. Being in the media for virtually a whole lifetime does not only make you immensely known and liked but also makes you money; lots of it.

Although Brian Mulligan is now the CEO of Brooknol Advisors, a media, entertainment and sports advisory company, and still serves as the Managing Director and vice chairman of Deutsche Bank Securities Inc., a media and telecommunications investment bank founded in 1973, the 55-year-old’s journey has not been a rosy one. His career of 30 solid years has been rocky but he can now boast of holding CEO position (to date), being a chairman (to date too), holding a COO and holing a CFO of almost all media or entertainment companies.

Back in the day, Mr. Mulligan attended the University of Southern California and attained a Bachelors degree in Business administration. He then moved to the John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management and earned a masters degree in the same field; Business Administration. He then became a Senior Executive Advisor of Cerberus Capital Management and also served as The Executive Vice President of Operations for Universal Entertainment and Executive Vice President at an entertainment and media conglomerate called MCA Inc.

All across his career, he worked diverse high end media houses including; as a Co-Chairman of Universal pictures, as a CEO of Universal Television, he also chaired FOX Broadcasting and Cable, he was the EVP/CFO of Fortune 50 Company, and he was also the Vice Chairman OF Media/Telecom of Money Center Bank. His hard work is responsible for over $175 billion transactions in the Media and entertainment industry.

In another media world, the world of sport, Mr. Mulligan is a full fledge expert in that field. His expertise earned him membership in LA based Digital Round table. Besides entertainment, he is also an industry speaker in sports and business too. His love of the art got Premier Magazine naming him among “50 Most Powerful People of Hollywood”. Loss Angeles Business Journal also recognized him as one of “The Ten Most Prominent Bankers of Hollywood”.

He has also got an appealing soft side. He has taken part in numerous charity works including raising up to $90 million for school; a modest noble cause.

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