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Joseph Bismark – Zen Master and Successful Businessman

Recently Business Wire published an article summarizing an article in asPire Magazine featuring Joseph Bismark sharing his tools for good health and wellness and success in business.

The founding Director of the QI Group has lived a life steeped in the virtues of yoga, a vegetarian diet, regular exercise, and meditative thinking to propel himself to the upper echelons of corporate success.
Bismark states in the article that holistic health and yoga are a way of life for him. He not only lives it, he teaches it to others. The yoga master continually reads and talks to others in order to expand his knowledge of the power of the mind and benefits of meditation and maintaining a healthy body.
The successful expansion of QI Group into the area of wellness and organic foods is a direct result of Bismark’s own dedication to a healthy life style.
The Business Wire release also revealed the fact that Bismark is an advocate of using technology in his search for inner peace and success. He specifically mentioned the Swedish online audio platform SoundCloud as a tool he uses to upload his mantra chants. In addition, the cycling enthusiast employs a MapMyRide mobile app that tracks fitness activities like distance ridden, calories burned, pace, and speed.
Mister Bismark began his quest for self-knowledge at the tender age or nine when he left home and entered an ashram in the mountains of the Philippines to learn from the monks of that order. He left the ashram at age seventeen and vowed to take his teachings and life style to fine success in the corporate world.
In December 2006, Bismark was elevated to the title of Managing Director for the QI Group of companies. He stressed the importance of sharing with others by co-founding the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the company. His qualities of making people believe in their own inner strength, helping them grow to reach excellence, and teaching others to overcome their fears and self-doubts have made Joseph Bismark a favorite among his employees and peers alike.
What makes Bismark stand out from others who have achieved his level of corporate success is that he has retained a true sense of humility, and he continues to live his life in the simple, grounded teachings of the lessons he learned from the monk educators of his youth.
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