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Why Vijay Eswaran is a Picture of Servitude

One of the most important names in business today is Vijay Eswaran, and it’s all because he believes that service should be above self. While this is what his father taught him growing up, Vijay has continued to put this into practice every day in his business and his personal life.

While Vijay does his very best to teach this same principle to his team, he still continues to learn more from others every day. Going global isn’t really Vijay’s first priority, but he does believe that global can still be somewhat small in nature. The soul of a small company is what makes his business so successful. The belief that serving others and being hands on is more important is truly an asset for growth.

Humble beginnings is something that Vijay is familiar with on every level, and he advises his team to remember this. His company, QNET, has recently been highlighted by Entrepreneur. As a Direct Sales company, his company has to be a cut above the rest. As the global economy recovers, Vijay believes that Direct Sales is a way for people to create jobs for themselves and for others.

His own personal motivation is just one of the keys to his success, but his main goal is to teach others how to build a future. Designing the life you want is a strong foundation for working in Direct Sales. It is also a big push for building teams and working together as a team to make it successful and productive on a consistent basis. Having worked with IBM and other large companies, he knows that things are not always what they seem. The company can only be as good as their people. Vijay Eswaran is a well known businessman and executive.

As a well-educated and well-known businessman Vijay now travels and speaks on various topics including everything from business to religion as well. His books are becoming more popular today and he has won many awards for his outstanding service and inspiration.

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