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Shaq, Boraie Development, and a Unique New Project


“Welcome back, Shaq!” are words being heralded in the media in Newark, NJ. The basketball great, Shaquille O’Neal, is going to be co-hosting a basketball tournament in the northern New Jersey city. The tournament is slated to be held in front of City Hall. The tournament is dubbed the “Believe in Newark” event and is designed to help draw attention to the up and coming boy and girl basketball players from local High Schools.

The story of O’Neal’s return was published on and reveals some interesting facts about charitable work and real estate development in the city.

The presence of O’Neal, a Newark native who moved on to other localities in the United States to pursue college and professional basketball stardom. O’Neal most certainly achieved massive fame and now he is returning to the city to give something back.

In addition to working with kids, O’Neal has worked on projects that revolved around beautifying the city. One interesting project was the $7 million Cityplex movie theater endeavor, a project that was the first of a partnership between O’Neal and Boraie Development of New Brunswick. The partnership is also working on the development of the very first high-rise apartment complex to be built in Newark in five decades.

Boraie Development has been involved in a host of different projects in the state of New Jersey. Both the city of New Brunswick and Newark have experienced great benefits from the investment and rebuilding strategies of Boraie Development. The new high-rise apartment complex Boraie is working on is believed to have enormous economic invigoration potential. After all, more residents living in a local community means more economic stimulus.

Likely, there will be other projects handled by Boraie Development in Newark’s future. Whether or not Shaq is involved remains to be seen. Regardless, the projects should be interesting ones that deliver great improvements to the city.

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