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Magic Mike XXL Inspires Avid Movie Watchers Worldwide

Award winning actress on Twitter, Crystal Hunt, is on a mission to share her
experience in the spotlight with aspiring female stars all over the
world. Throughout the years, this well-known figure has appeared in
many movies and television dramas including “Queen of Drama,” “The
Derby Stallion,” “Guiding Light,” and “Sydney White.” Notably, this
distinguished positions greatly influenced her role in “Magic Mike
XXL” and the creation of her film, “Talbot County.” As an experienced
actress, Hunt seeks to encourage more powerful women starring in on
daytime and primetime dramas. As a result, she is most recognized as
one of the most prominent figures in the film industry.

Hunt’s renowned stage performances are inspiring many women from
around the globe. Although the industry maintains many prominent
actresses, her uniqueness lies in her candid and extremely
approachable personality. Notably, her friendly yet serious demeanor
is accurately portrayed in “Queen of Drama,” which is an American
reality television series. During this filming, Hunt and five
additional stars work together to develop and produce a new drama
pilot for a daytime or primetime show. Along with Hunt, the actresses
include Chrystee Pharris, Vanessa Marcil, Hunter Tylo, Donna Mills,
and Lindsay Hartley. Undeniably, these motivational stars have
inspired women worldwide to pursue acting and film production.

Hunt’s profound success is also influenced by her supporting
role in “Magic Mike XXL.” This entertaining film was released on July
1st, 2015 and received highly favorable reviews from movie
enthusiasts. Moreover, the drama details an adventurous road trip
embarked by a group of male entertainers known as the Kings of Tampa.
These close friends have reunited to perform at a strippers convention
in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Notably, Hunt enjoyed playing
“Lauren” in this film as the opportunity allowed her to establish
professional relations with other women actresses. Essentially, she
describes the females roles as a truly empowering addition to the
movie. As a result, “Magic Mike XXL” has encouraged many
“girls-night-out” movie watchers who are enticed by the inspiring
actresses on the set.

Today, Hunt is one of the best female actresses in the United States
and she is always looking for opportunities to share her performance
experiences both locally and internationally. Notably, in 2005, she received a Daytime
Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a television
series. Unlike many female actresses, Hunt strives to promote more
powerful women on and off the stage.

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