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Lionel Messi Criticized by Leading Human Rights Nonprofit

The Human Rights Foundation is a non-profit making organization. It is non-partisan in its activities and engages in bringing together the oppressed in society. They champion for the freedom of individuals that denied their fundamental rights. It focuses on closed societies and aims at promoting liberty and democracy. In totality, the promote human rights of every individual.

Lionel Messi has come under sharp criticism by the Human Rights Movement for allegedly dining with a dictator. According to The Telegraph, the Barcelona star showed disrespect for human rights. They termed him an embarrassment to the efforts to make a free society. Messi visited Gabon to lay the first stone on the construction of the Port-Gentil stadium.

The Bongo family has ruled Gabon with an iron fist since 1967. The family is alleged to be fleecing the country of its natural resources and oil deposits. In 2009, current president Ali Bongo came to power and continued with the same kind of rule. Recent reports indicate that Gabon has had numerous cases of ritual murders of children. Additionally, mysterious disappearances have characterized the political climate in Gabon. In the country, it is believed that ritual murders are a way of the rich and famous increases their influence. Therefore, it has become a country of cannibalism and blood-thirsty powerful people.

Allegations have surfaced that Messi was paid an estimated 3.5 million Euros in July to appear in Gabon. He is said to have pocketed the money, and showed public support for the dictator. Being the world’s best soccer player, few would have expected that Messi would have engaged in such activities. However, while the Human Rights Foundation continues to criticize Messi on Twitter, some analysts have shown their support saying that Messi was just promoting soccer. They remain hopeful that he may have shared messages of goodwill with the President, in the interest of football.

Lionel is an ambassador that supports youth education with the UNICEF. He promotes the rights of children and fulfills their dreams to go to school and have a better life. However, contrary to his duties, he enthusiastically supports a dictator whose regime is finishing up children in the name of attracting fame. A few months back, President Bongo visited Barcelona and was promised by Messi that he would visit Libreville. In his statement, the President referred to Messi as a man of his word. However, Union De Peuple Gabonais criticized the Barcelona forward to lack of principles and standards. Worse still, Messi appeared at the event with a Barcelona t-shirt. He misrepresented the standards of Barcelona as a club.

The dressing of the Barcelona star has equally not official. Messi arrived in a tattered pair of jeans and t-shirt. He walked into a state function in Gabon, dressed as a man going to a zoo.

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