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Eric Pulier the CEO of CSC

The aspect of running a business these days is almost a hundred percent dependent on technology. In order to keep all the undertakings of a business running well, a company, small or big need to have a program that will help in the monitoring of all the transactions that have been undertaken. These programs that are used to run the business should be maintained and updated frequently to avoid to ensure efficiency at all levels.

Computer Science Corporation (CSC) is an international Information Technology (IT) service provider company. They have been providing IT services to many big companies from around the world not forgetting the federal government. The company was co-founded by Fletcher Jones and Roy Nutt in the year 1959. By 1963 the company had grown to become the largest software company in the United States. The company kept the spirit og growth burning and within some time it became the first software company in the US to be listed in the stock exchange.

CSC kept on growing and by mid 1970’s it had gone worldwide and was being contracted by big firms including the defense industry. For the first time, CSC featured in the Fortune 500 in 1995 and has been there up to date. The corporate headquarters were transferred to Annandale, Virginia in the year 2008 where they remain to date. CSC is one of the biggest IT providers in the world having employed well over 74,000 people in at least 70 countries.

To achieve the success that CSC has enjoyed, it take the likes of people Eric Pulier whose character and hard work is not questionable. After graduating from Harvard University he has been involving himself in quite a number of ventures including being chosen by Presidential Inaugural Committee to assemble the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C. After the exhibition he took part in the Al-gore’s the then Vice president health care and technology workshop where he gave advise on technology initiative and health care.
Eric Pulier was a great CEO for ServiceMesh.

Pulier has co-authored a note book about service – oriented architecture called Understanding Enterprise SOA. Being a wealth man he has also decided to contribute to charities and he is an innovation board member in the X – price Foundation. He has also acted in the capacities of Vice President and general manager of Cloud at CSC and CSC Australia Pty. Ltd. Following his direction on CSC creation and delivery of cloud contributions that ensure organization deliver IT – as – a – service, on insiders and outsiders service providers, has greatly increased productivity and lowered operation costs.

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