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QNet Develops Niche Plans For India

QNet is a direct selling company that has a lot to provide to customers. Entrepreneurs also are taking note of the many different products that are boasted about in QNet’s catalog. Nine different categories of products list 30 unique items. While the company is known for a host of wellness products, there are other types of merchandise available. Watches and other excellent timepieces are presented for sale. The company is known for selling internet-based subscription services along the lines of online distance learning courses.

Now, the company is starting to shift gears into a new direction. The company has chosen to do this in order to become much more successful in India, a country that is quickly becoming a home-away-from-home for the Asian company.

QNet is not moving 100% of all operations to India, but the company is intended to move the totality of all production here. Why would the company not want to do this. Production and manufacturing costs are cheaper. By cutting a lot off the margins of production, the company automatically becomes more profitable.

QNet is not going to sit back and allow the production facility move to be the sole reason for moving to India. Rather, the company wants to expand the sale of products in India. Since the merchandise is already going to be produced in the country, why not put a lot of effort into selling the items here?

QNet understands, and wisely so, that unique marketing campaigns have to be devised for different regions. A generic marketing campaign would not work in every single country. Various aspects of the new market and its complexities have to be examined in order to truly maximize sales potential. QNet has taken all this into consideration and the results are revealed in the form of a very unique Indian strategy. QNet is a marketing company known around the world.

QNet has in place a “niche marketing strategy” for India. Based on three years of developing the strategy, QNet’s executives realize the best products for India are those that deal with wellness. Any health supplement the company provides will be free of animal products. Consider this another niche strategy as it targets the large vegetarian population in India.

Additionally, QNet is looking to expand services that focus on wellness into the Indian market. Since the niche strategy was first developed three years ago and is being expanded upon, all indicators are the strategy is a success. Business only build on concepts and plans that work.

So far, Qnet’s endeavors in India have shown the promise of great success.

QNet has also been lobbying the Indian government for improved regulation of the direct selling and multi-level marketing industries. Likely, the company sees the great potential of the Indian market and hopes through better oversight the market remains stable.

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