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QNET Plans to Shift Business to India

QNET, a large and thriving company, based out of Malaysia has made public their plans to move their business to India, a strategic and well-thought out business decision. While the entire business is not moving countries, they are taking the majority of their manufacturing process over to India, and in turn will see a large cost benefit, from 8 to 12 percent, according to a CEO from the company speaking on their behalf. QNet is an exceptional marketing firm growing at a rapid pace.

The company creates and distributes a wide range of consumer products, from watches to energy drinks, and has been in business for quite some time now. Already, a few of their products are being produced in India, with good results shown from the experimentation. In fact, the revenue growth from their current operations in the country of India have shown to be 100%, and it looks like the growth will continue at this rate, at least for the next few years.

QNET isn’t like your average company, and as a new way to experiment and try to further increase their profit margins, they are offering all residents of India a unique opportunity that is sure to raise awareness of the company and create a heightened sense of buzz for their products. Instead of only allowing their own employees to make up designs for products, QNET is extending this offer to all citizens of the country.

The deal goes like this: if you, as a resident of India have an idea for a product that you think would work well or benefit society in some way, feel free to send your plans to the company. If they are feasible, QNET will begin to produce the product for you. This is an amazing opportunity for those who have been looking to break into the field of inventing but haven’t known how.

It looks like this company is on the rise. With a growing number of products for sale and more money to work with QNET is one that we should be keeping an eye on, both for cool new products to by and because of their intense marketing skills that differ from those of other businesses. They may not be huge yet, but there is a good chance that this will change as the next years progress and they get further involved in the country of India.

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